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Melody's Normal Form

Princess Melody (Melody Ongaku) is Princess Of The Allegro Empire , she is also known as " Guardian Harmony "

Main InfoEdit

  • Age : 14 
  • Sex : Female
  • Height : "5'5
  • Weight : 120 lbs
  • Occupation : Princess , Guardian
  • Family : Mizuki (Mothe) Zuko (Father , Deaceased)


  • Guardian Harmony
  • Princess Melody
  • Meldoy


When Melody is dressed as the lovely princess she is , her hair is tied in two long , beautiful aqua curly pigtails with two blue ribbons with a white dress with 10 blue ribbons on it with white shining heels.

Guardian Harmony Edit

Melody wears her hair in two straight pigtails with a battle outfit that has a sleeveless shirt that is cut (which exposes her stomach ) with a matching skirt , they battle outfit is all colored white with aqua blue along with the black and white boots


Melody wears her hair in straight pigtails ,, wearing a gray and aqua top with a matching tie and black skirt with black boots with an aqua heels


Childhood YearsEdit

When Melody was little , she was always listening to music , especially the ones her father played for her , she would always  sing to the melody of her father's music , but later her father died from a sickness leaving her and her mother and an empty throne  , At Age 7 , she found an old paper of her father titled " Music Connection " , which was unfinished , so for her father , she finished the song for him and kept it as her last memory of him

Melody , Age 14

7 Years Later.....Edit



  • Singing : Melody always was singing with such grace and gentleness , her singing always shows emotion in every song she sings
  • Playing Intruments : Melody can play the Guitiar , Piano , piano , the flutwe and etc.


When Melody Transforms Into Guardian Harmony she has many powers such as...